Invitations to Abide


Bible Studies

Foundational Bible Study
One of Jesus’ most vivid illustrations for our abiding relationship with Him is recorded in John 15, the parable of the vine and branches. A key component of the National Strategy is “Abide deeper in Christ.” Our desire is that this study will help all Navigators “grow deeper in our dependence on Jesus and His Word—as individuals, in community, and on an organizational level—resulting in biblical fruitfulness.”

A Short Study

This study doesn’t require much preparation and would be great with young believers.

An In-Depth Study
This verse-by-verse study on John 15 includes word studies and cross references.

Abide Catalysts


Catalyst 1:  Abiding Words

Catalyst 2: We Are the House of God

Catalyst 3: You Are the House of God

Catalyst 4: Trinity's Mansion

Abide Experiences

Reflective Experience in Abiding
This group experience invites you into the richness of abiding more deeply in Christ with your friends, your family, or your team in a space that’s set aside for meditation and sensory exploration of John 15:1-17.

Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray