Navigators Coach Camp 

June 28—July 2, 2021

Embracing Diversity and Culture in Coaching                                      Multi-Track Approach: Exploring, Advancing, Credentialing


As missionaries, ministry leaders, and coaches, we are called to 
a world of expansive cultural diversity. Coaches best serve our clients when we are aware of and manage our own biases from a space of deep awareness, consideration, and appreciation of how we are alike and how we are different as humans. 

As coaches, we see how critical it is for those coaching culturally diverse people to understand and be able to leverage cultural differences throughout the process to effectively benefit the client.

In this year’s coach camp, through group discussion, coaching interactions, practical resources, and shared stories, we will learn to recognize and increase coaching skills with increased cultural awareness.

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Introducing This Year's Keynote Speakers and Workshop Leaders from PCCI and CRM

Christopher McCluskey is President of Professional Christian Coaching Institute, the world’s largest Christian Coaching school aligned with the standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  PCCI has trained thousands of life & leadership coaches in more than 65 countries and in many of the world’s most influential ministries and businesses. Frequently cited as the “Father of Christian Coaching,” Chris pioneered the industry in the 1990s and co-hosts the top-rated podcast "Professional Christian Coaching Today." Chris is returning to our Coach Camp as we continue to expand our partnership.



Jordan Mercedes is the founder of Jordan Mercedes, LLC Coach Training for Mission Inspired Coaches & Leaders.  She knows that every leader has a vision; sometimes they need a little help and support to get there! Jordan believes the power and impact of coaching can change a company, a city, or even a nation. She enjoys helping leaders and coaches use coaching skills to move their people, projects, and missions forward. She is the creator of Leaders Coach Forward training for C-Level leaders. Jordan is a program developer who often helps her clients create progressive workshops & live events.


Cindy Schmelzenbach is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, a Gallup-Certified Strengths® Coach, and a Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Practitioner. She also has a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling and serves on faculty at PCCI. Cindy and her husband have lived and served internationally in multi-cultural leadership roles for 27 years. She has a passion for coaching across cultures and coaching those who live in contexts where diverse cultures come together. Her current practice includes Life Coaching, Strengths® Coaching, Team or Group Coaching, and ICF Mentor Coaching.


Rudy Graham is a Gallup-Certified Strengths® Coach and Managing Partner of Fruitful Journey Coaching. He brings over 38 years of experience as a Corporate Sales Professional in the technology industry. He coaches and trains individuals and teams pursuing performance growth in government and commercial organizations. Rudy Co-Coaches and facilitates growth in marriage and parenting with his wife of 37 years and business partner Wilmer. He received his coach training at PCCI and has certifications from Gallup, SYMBIS, and Gottman.


Keith Webb is the author of the best-selling book The COACH Model for Christian Leaders and president of Creative Results Management, a leader development organization. As a speaker and workshop leader, Keith is noted for his humor, interactivity, and practicality. He lived in Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore for 20 years and has facilitated leadership development processes in more than 30 countries. Keith developed The COACH Model® in 2004 and The Coaching Mastery Certificate Program®, the all-in-one ICF ACC program. He is the author of numerous articles on leadership, coaching, and cross-cultural topics, many of which are posted at


Félix Ortiz has a passion for developing leaders and helping them to reach their full potential. He lives in Barcelona, but speaks extensively across Europe and Latin American where he is well known as one of the pioneers in leadership development in those continents. Félix is an associate professor at Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya Business School in Barcelona and an Instructor with Creative Results Management. Félix has worked with Cru, known in Europe as Agape, for the last 35 years holding different responsibilities and for several years European director for Staff Care and Development.