Coach Camp 2020 Resources

Tuesday, June 23

Worship (slides)

Devotional with Brian and Debi Zaas (slides)

Keynote Session Day One - Engaging Leaders to be Coached (slides)

Workshop Round 1 / Track 1 - Introduction to Christ-Centered Coaching (slides)

Workshop Round 1 / Track 2 - Everything DiSC Productive Conflict (slides)

Example profile (handout)

Productive Conflict Log (handout)

Workshop Round 1 / Track 3 - Pathway for ICF Credentialing (slides)

Pathway for ICF Credentialing (handout)

Competency Comparison (handout)

Workshop Round 2 / Track 1 - Coaching Conversations Using the Bible (slides)

Spiritual Assessment (handout)

Workshop Round 2 / Track 2 - Advancing Coaching Skills (slides)

Advancing Coaching Skills (handout)

Workshop Round 2 / Track 3 - Conventional Income Coaching (slides)

Conventional Income Coaching (handout)

Wednesday, June 24

Worship (slides)

Devotional with Roy and Margaret Fitzwater (handout)

Keynote Session Day Two - Building a Coaching Presence (slides)

Workshop Round 3 / Track 1 - Taming the Tongue: Ask, Don't Tell (slides)

Ask, Don't Tell (handout)

Workshop Round 3 / Track 2 - Develop Your Unique Value Proposition (slides)

Develop Your Unique Value Proposition (handout)

Workshop Round 3 / Track 3 - How to Build a Coaching Presence (slides)

Coaching Presence (handout)

Workshop Round 4 / Track 1 - Introduction to the DiSC (slides)

Introduction to the DiSC (handout)

Workshop Round 4 / Track 2 - DiSC Work of Leaders (slides)

Everything DiSC (handout)

Sample Profile

Supplement for Facilitators

Workshop Round 4 / Track 3 - Group Coaching (slides)

Thursday, June 25

Triad Coaching Experience Presentation (slides)

Triad Coaching Experience Instructions

Coaching Evaluation for Exploratory Coaches

Coaching Evaluation for Advancing & ICF Coaches

Wrap-Up (slides)


Virtual Coach Camp Evaluation

Optional Coach Camp Retreat guidelines

Abide in Christ study