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Leader Development Initiative

LDI is the Leader Development Initiative. It is an invitation only, 15-month intensive program for Navigator leaders who currently have, or are expected to have, regional leadership responsibilities in their Mission, City, Network, or Department. LDI is currently being re-designed with an emphasis on three parts: 1. Leading yourself (common content module 1), 2. Leading others (common content module 2), and 3. A personal development goal (choice content) that each individual works on with a mentor. There is clearly defined content which incorporates the "Lead Develop Care" leadership model with a prescribed list of monthly assignments that are rolled out in four different delivery methods. Although the content is important for creating a common leadership language, the main value of LDI is in creating a peer-learning environment of safety and rigor - leaders learning from other leaders.  
If you are interested in learning more about LDI, please contact your Mission, City, Network, or Department leader to begin a conversation about whether or not LDI is the best next leader development opportunity for you. Nominations for LDI are submitted by members of the Field Leadership Team at the beginning of October each year.


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  1. Know Yourself

  2. Learn Thoroughly and in Depth - Don't Be Shallow

  3. Do What You Say You Will Do

  4. Discipline in Keeping Physically Fit

  5. Guard Against Envy and Jealousy

  6. Avoid Pride and Boastfulness

  7. Every Leader Will Disappoint You, and You Will Disappoint Yourself

  8. Focus on Contribution, Not Position

  9. Treat Every Person with Respect

  10. Keep a High View of the Body of Christ

  11. Live Life Well